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Community Ambassodor, Kathy Donovan, reflects on the future site of Frogtown Farm

First impression of Frogtown Farm from community ambassador Frogtown resident and gardener Kathy Donovan:

“The surprising thing about it is that there us quite a large flat area up at the top of the hill. We were told by a city of St.Paul planner that the hill is the highest point in St.Paul. When I went up there, I discovered that there is a wonderful view of the St.Paul Skyline. This will be a great place for a park and urban farming. Can you just imagine sitting at a picnic table in the cool breeze and eating your  favorite picnic food!”

2013-10-02 12.53.40


In late November Kathy held a community meeting in her building located across the street from the future Frogtown Park and Farm.  Building residents came together sharing hot cocoa and their visions for the park.  As a group, residents were excited to be getting a new park so close to their home.