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Let’s Build the Soil!


The soil tests are back from the lab.  The soil is safe, but needs some work.  Tests were done by Braun Intertec, soil scientist Dr. Jay Bell, Soil and Plant Laboratories, Inc., and Earth Fortification Supplies Company.

The reports tell us:

  • The soil is good enough for grass to grow
  • The existing soil is safe for growing food
  • Existing soil needs to be ripped to loosen it
  • Adding 660 gallons of compost tea will add needed life into the soil
  • Growing areas will need 2″ of compost added each year
  • To grow food well on 3 acres the farm will need to add: 400 yards of Compost, 1,056 lbs Soil Sulfur, 792 lbs Blood Meal, 1,320 lbs Feather Meal, 1,320 lbs Bone Meal, 924 lbs Potassium sulfate, and 660 lbs Magnesium Sulfate

With the local composting and farming expertise in the Frogtown community, building the soil up to these recommendations will likely be a relatively easy task.  Buy and have greenwaste compost delivered, spread with a bunch of community volunteers, till into the soil, plant food.  Good news!

Do you compost?  Do you want to help build the soil?  Let us know as the soil building plan is being written.  We would like to include you in the plan to help on-going soil building.

Soil Reports:  Braun Intertec Soil ReportDr. Jay Bell Soil ReportSoil and Plant Lab Soil Amendment ReportEarthfort Soil Food Web Report