Outreach Calendar

Look here to track the progress of our Community Ambassadors.

  • Nov 30th: Meeting at Chris Edwards’ house
  • Dec 3rd: Kia and Eli at table Rondo Library
  • Dec 4th: Community Ambassador group meeting
  • Dec 8th: Caroline and Kia at Hmongtown Market
  • Dec 5th-10th: Flyering by all Community Ambassadors!
  • Dec 10th: Community Meeting at Jackson Elementary (see blog posts page)
  • Dec 10th-15th: Second Community Ambassador meeting
  • Dec 11th: Kathy Donovan reports back to 750 Milton
  • Dec 12th: Community Ambassador to attend Frogtown Green meeting
  • Dec 16th: John Lor focus group with First Spark, a Hmong and indigenous group that discusses the relationship between spirituality and land
  • Dec TBD: John Lor focus group with members of the Hmong Community
  • Dec 28th: Mahmud focus group at the Mosque
  • Dec TBD: Tou Saik meeting with his youth crew about the project
  • Jan 2nd-3rd: Frogtown Green is delivered with advertisement publicizing January 4th Community Meeting at Jackson Elementary
  • Jan 3rd: Community Ambassadors table at Rondo Library
  • Late Dec-Jan 2nd: Strategic round of business flyering
  • Jan 2nd and 3rd: Phone banking of Dec. 10th community meeting attendees
  • January 4th: Meeting at Jackson Elementary 1-4pm

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