National Precedents

Growing Power, Inc.

Founded by Will Allen, Growing Power is a national leader in the Good Food Movement dedicated to producing food and educating about food systems and cultivation practices.  Growing Power has farms in Milwaukee and Merton, WI, Chicago, IL, and numerous satellite programs across the nation.

Garden for the Environment

A San Francisco based 1-acre educational urban garden funded by the San Francisco Parks Alliance.  Garden for the Environment offers educational programs in gardening, composting, and resource efficient landscapes for community members and youths.

The Food Project

A production and community education focused organization operating for over 20 years in Boston, MA.  The Food Project employs over 150 teens annually producing food for donation, CSA, and farmer’s markets and educating the public about food systems and growing practices.

Greensgrow Farms

A Philadelphia based urban agriculture organization that operates an urban farm, community kitchen, nursery, farm stand, and CSA that distributes food from regional farms.

Just Food

A non-profit organization in New York City connecting residents to local farms.  Just Food has helped establish numerous CSAs, city farms, community gardens, farmers’ markets, food education and justice programs, and expanded low-income citizens’ access to healthy food by supplying food pantries and individuals directly.

Alemany Farm

A 3-acre volunteer-run urban community garden in San Francisco founded by Antonio Roman-Alcala and owned municipally.

City Slicker Farm

An urban farm in West Oakland with three main emphases; a community market farms program in which vacant lots are overhauled for food production, a backyard garden program in which City Slicker Farm staff supports and guides the development of backyard gardens, and an urban farming education program that connects youths, adults, volunteers, and community members through on going work and special programs.

Dig Deep

East Oakland CSA farm, cultivating 40-acres to provide year-round vegetables, meats, and fruits.

Planting Justice

Non-profit, Oakland based organization engaged in food and economic justice, sustainable food systems, and community organizing.  Planting Justice uses permaculture techniques to grow a holistic diet including vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, and mushrooms.

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